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Becoming a SESAC affiliate

Thank you for your interest in SESAC as your potential Performing Rights Organization (PRO). SESAC stands apart from other PROs in a number of ways, including our exclusivity. Having a smaller affiliate base helps us create and maintain personalized relationships with our affiliates. In order to keep this PRO advantage, SESAC requires potential affiliates or their representatives to have a pre-existing relationship with a member of the Creative Services Department. At this time, SESAC is not taking unsolicited affiliation applications.

Q: Why should I choose SESAC?
SESAC is a technological leader among the nation’s performing rights organizations utilizing the top digital technologies to enhance its tracking of performances.  SESAC, by design, is the smallest of the three U.S. performing rights organizations.  Because of our size and our selectivity, SESAC can offer to our affiliates efficient and personalized services unique within the industry.  We are also deeply committed to the continuing professional development of our affiliates. Additionally, there are no fees for SESAC services nor cost to affiliate.

Q: Can a songwriter be a member of more than one performing rights organization?
A songwriter can only be affiliated with one performing rights organization at a time. Music publishers, however, can be affiliated with all three US societies at the same time as they often represent songwriter’s at all three organizations.

Q: What if I’m already a member of a performing rights organization and want to change to SESAC?
Please have your representatives contact us so we can determine if switching to SESAC would be a good fit by having you go through our selection process.  If all of the criteria is met, you would then be offered affiliation and would need to find out what the process of resignation is for your current society.  The resignation process is different with each society and you would need to contact your representative with your current PRO to find out their termination requirements. Once resignation from your current society is complete, we would then proceed with affiliation at SESAC.

Q: What does it cost to affiliate with SESAC?
There are no fees or dues if you are offered a SESAC affiliation.